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Has Anyone Tried Vision Therapy?

Has Anyone Tried Vision Therapy?

A MyAutismTeam Member said:

An older question but if you are still looking for answers, I'll tell you our experience. At our initial OT evaluation, the OT noticed my 5 year old son wasn't tracking well and his eyes couldn't converge well. Referred us to a Developmental Optometrist - her daughter also had this issue. Dr. did all sorts of tests, beyond the normal vision test and found him below average on those skills. We finished 20 weeks of vision therapy - they wanted 5-10 more but we can't afford it right now. Convergence issue is fixed and tracking is a ton better. Since he's not reading yet, I can't tell you about real-life improvement, but I expect him to have no troubles scanning/reading when he learns. He enjoyed every therapy appointment, they made it very fun. Seems like they worked on many things, like visual memory, right v. left, all sorts of good skills. This was all before my son's Asperger diagnosis, btw.

Don't know if that's at all helpful. We went to Dr. Tong in Pasadena, CA.

posted over 9 years ago
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