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Behavior Charting For School

Behavior Charting For School

One of the things that Little Man's psych suggested for the IEP was to institute a daily behavior chart, both for rewarding good behavior and for tracking when/where/why/how often behaviors are occurring. Has anyone set one of these up before with success? Does anyone have any sort of template that might help me know where to start?

A MyAutismTeam Member said:

Easiest I've used is ABC. Antecedent (what triggered the behavior- transition, noisy room, not getting their way), Behavior (negative behavior that resulted-screaming, dropping to the floor, sib, bolting), and Consequence (what you did to try and stop the behavior-planned ignoring, distraction, sensory input, etc).

posted about 7 years ago
A MyAutismTeam Member said:

You can give it a try and see where it gets you. But from my experience it can be hit or miss. Usually miss! Ha ha

Main times teachers or instructors have ideals of how things could or should be. Usually reality slaps us alongside the head. So, try it and see what happens and go with the flow.

posted about 7 years ago
A MyAutismTeam Member said:

The school teacher should be able to provide you with the chart. It worked very good for a few years,it really helps track when,where,and why a lot of behaviors are happening. So that is very helpful,your child may love to get a small reward or watch the chart to see the graphing,just to earn a prize. It also helps to show the times of the day where the behavior is more of a problem. After awhile,he just didn't care,it became old stuff.

posted about 7 years ago
A MyAutismTeam Member said:

I am going to try to get a photo of the grid when I typed it on this format wont allow the visual try again later I will

posted about 7 years ago
A MyAutismTeam Member said:

Growing My Integrity= Daily Cart FOR STUDENT

Explain: The goal with many aspie kids is attention and engagement, also behavior modification, We developed for Logan and Integrity chart, EXPLINATION: Integrity is doing what you need to do, even when no one is looking it is staying on task. this helps there inner compass.

use a grid with each subject and the teacher can put in comments in the boxes At the bottom the teacher has you sign one every day, THis goes back and forth, Logan and I talked about that chart every day it helped grow his understanding.

Teachers would put a DOT on the box below that applied when Logan filled one week of DOTS, LOgan did not want smile charts he said they were to babyish, so we used a dot.. When achieved the GOOD EFFORTS box in all subjects for a week, then we had him pick out a movie night or a little something, had him plan a date night with DAD.

When we noticed for instance In Math he would often have the Partial effort we talked about what the issue was and his response was always very honest= He hated it. or started miss behaving and talking due to the fact he hatted it, some days he complained of headaches and neasea or constipation being issues so we took that into consideration.. but we kept working you can even have a transiton period for Lunch tracking or Recess See Below..

Subject :) :/ :(

Math - Good Effort Partial Effort NO Effort
Positive attitude With some With much
(85%-100%0 resistance less that
85%- 65%


With Mrs Baker



LUnch Sitting Calm and friendly Not sitting calm

posted about 7 years ago
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