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My Son Is ASD Age 5 Years 9 Months And We Are Looking At Medication To Treat Agressive Behaviors And ADHD Behaviors.

My Son Is ASD Age 5 Years 9 Months And We Are Looking At Medication To Treat Agressive Behaviors And ADHD Behaviors.

The research I am doing now is with focalin, daytrana, the ritalin patch, oral ritalin, and welbutrin. There is so much information out there, too much! I'm just a nervous mom trying to get as much information as possible to make an informed decision for my child's well-being. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Please be kind. Thanks!

A MyAutismTeam Member said:

There are a variety of different Ned's out there and it is always a trial and error kind of situation, and then there is adjusting dosage as well. Sometimes you need a combination of mess to work. Not a big fan of Ritalin or webutrin but they work for some people. We just went through six months of Med adjustments with my son and it is working now it just took trial and error to get it right.

My daughter is nonverbal and severe and 11 years old and only has a select few foods she will eat, and proteins are not high on the list. We tried the diet thing but it didn't work at all, mostly because she wouldn't eat the food but even when she did it did nothing for her. In the case of my son we did alter his diet because of stomach issues and that has worked along with the meds. My daughter is strictly meds.

What I always point out is that different therapies work for different children so you can try different things but they never work fir all. Most parents of children in the lower end of the spectrum will tell you that they have tried everything and meds and intense therapy are all that works most of the time.

So having a child on both ends of the spectrum has shown me in my own family that what you treat one with doesn't work fir the other. Diet on one side meds on the other. Do what you think is best and try to see what works and move on and try something else until you find the solution.

posted over 3 years ago
A MyAutismTeam Member said:

How expensive is this? And I have a very picky eater, I would have to use and IV to get most of that in him.

posted over 3 years ago
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