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How Many Of You Have Their Children On A Gluten And Caseine Free Diet And Does It Works?

How Many Of You Have Their Children On A Gluten And Caseine Free Diet And Does It Works?

My son just got the diagnose he is 2,5 we would like to try the gluten free and caseine free diet but he is very difficult with food :( so the only thing he eats is spaghetti bolognese and white bread with nutella :(( Is it worth trying ??

A MyAutismTeam Member said:

My son has a hard time with food as well. He was only eating 5 items. We took him to a feeding clinic at a children's hospital (he still sees them every 4 months). They found several reasons for eating to be more difficult for him. I asked them about these diets and they recommended not trying any special diets until his feeding is where it should be. Essentially the most important thing at this point for him is getting him to start eating a variety of taste, textures, etc...before restricting the diet of a restrictive eater. But all kids and circumstances are different. I hope this was helpful.

posted almost 3 years ago
A MyAutismTeam Member said:

@A MyAutismTeam Member @A MyAutismTeam Member thank you it gives me so much hope when I read stories like yours.

My son also uses only a few words that he hears by watching TV or when we say it in a funny way . He does a lot of repetitive things that he sees on tv . he is also echolalic and stares into space .
It’s day 2 for us on the diet but the problem is that he is a bit constipated I hope it will get better with time.
The only thing he want to eat for the moment is gluten free bread and rice ans maize spaghetti . I also give himGFLF oat and rice milk also GFLF . I will add you to my team guys if you dont mind . My son was also addicted to dairy milk and normal bread with nutella .

After how many months did they start eating vegetables and fruit?? Do you give vitamins and wich one ?

I’m looking to see a dietist here who is familiar with the GFCF diet but in Belgium it is quite difficult . The only things doctors tell you when you talk about the diet is that there is no cure “ sorry madam none of this diet works you just have to accept it.”

I just want to try everything that could possibly work even if the chances of succes are like 1 % (without being harmfull for his health )

. The only vegetables that my son eats are the one i mix and put in the rice and maize spaghetti bolognese ( wich is not that much) if i put more vegetables he recognizes the taste difference and refuses to eat it . :(

In some GFCF bread products you see gluten free lactose free but when I read the ingredients i read less than 0,5 gr \100 gr lactose can I still give it or better not ?

Do any of you knows a good recipe for GFCF white bread ?? I tried so many GFCF bread but my son does not like them except 1 but for a long term diet it will be very expensive .

Thanks in Advance !! And sorry for asking so many questions

posted almost 3 years ago
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