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How To Get A Service Dog

How To Get A Service Dog

My 4 year old daughter has multiple diagnoses that could be beneficial for a service dog. She has ASD, Seizure disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, she is partially deaf, and non verbal. I do not know how to go about getting her a service dog. My husband who is a Veteran and also has some problems due to the military has a compassion animal and my daughter and the cat has become fast friends which shocked me because my daughter doesn't enjoy people or things that are living...i truly… read more

A MyAutismTeam Member said:

I've looked very briefly into that for our son, who will be turning 7 in August. The two services I found were aimed mostly at people with serious physical disabilities. It takes about two years once you're application is approved, and you have to do a two-week training period. I got a bit disenchanted because of the hoops you had to jump through =) I think in our case, I'll look into it again when he gets a little bit older. Your daughter has different needs, and might need something like that at a younger age. Run a search for "service dogs for children"- it should turn up some information for you.

posted about 1 year ago
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