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Just Not Sure What To Do Any Advice Is Appreciated

Just Not Sure What To Do Any Advice Is Appreciated

So my son is 7. Still not sure what type of autism he has. But I just don't know right now.... He was with his dads side for Christmas and was a little angel. Didn't do anything miachevious. And with me hes different. Which I understand since hes with me 24/7. But I notice my underwear goes missing and he had a pair under his bed and was wearing another pair. And took a pair of his cousins. When I ask why? He answers back in a mumbling tone.. I don't know mom... It's just been really concerning… read more

A MyAutismTeam Member said:

I'm just guessing but since your son chose a personal item from you and his cousin, do you think it's his way of feeling closer to both of you ?

posted about 1 month ago
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