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General education, inclusion, aide

My son is about to turn 8 years old. He is high functioning and is a regular 2nd grade classroom with 26 other kids. I have been getting emails from the teacher that my son has been disruptive in class, crying, yelling, refusing to do any school work. We have it set up that he takes breaks during the day to see another teacher in a quieter room. This is the first I have had to deal with any of this-my son has only had very minor issues in the past. Now they want to meet to… read more

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posted about 1 year ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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@A MyAutismTeam User Hello, don't be afraid, they are hoping you have some ideas of what works at home for you as a family. :} How about adapted… read more

posted about 1 year ago

Hi I have a question my son is currently in general education

he literally was doing so good but because he was not offered esy he regressed over the summer and now has been showing agression the school had a iep where they basically said they didn't want to put in the work to get him back where he was and if his agression doesn't stop they will kick him out I am a low income mom and the other options I have will completely damage my son's future cuz he's very high functioning and extremely smart I feel like… read more

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posted 7 months ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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If the charter school is funded as a public school, then they need to follow IDEA law. Which means they can not expell him for behaviors due to his… read more

posted 7 months ago

How do I get my child out of public schools and into a school that will educate him properly?

Christian was diangnosed as being Autistic at age 6 w/o formal testing by a Psychiatrist and since then, by several more, including the Starfish agency for children. The school he attends, does not think he is autistic and will not test him. He has been formally tested using the ADOS chart and tested Highly Autistic. Where do i take the test info to get him into the proper school where he can receive the proper… read more

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posted almost 5 years ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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You should try homeschooling your child. This was one of the best decisions I made, and taught my son for 4 yrs.. The reason I made this decision was… read more

posted almost 5 years ago

Regular Public School or Specialized Public School?

I am looking for insight. My son is in first grade. He attends a grammar school of 800 students. He has an IEP. He has great teachers making accomodations for him. He has a personal assistant who works with him all day long. Connor gets physcial probably once a week. He lashes out at his teachers (very seldom if ever other children)during these times. He has tantrums probably twice a week that can consist of hitting doors and screaming in the hallways. These… read more

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posted over 4 years ago by A MyAutismTeam User

I'm not sure where you are but here in MD we have public schools that have an autism program. So if the child can tolerate inclusion, they have it… read more

posted over 4 years ago

Education setting

So my son is in the 2nd grade and has been having a lot of issues with his current placement (mixed special ed class). He also has a one on one district aid with no prior experience ( I am currently dealing with requesting a non public aid with experience ). It's been over 4 months where his behavior and non structured setting has gotten in the way of him receiving any type of education. His school days are spent with him not complying, eloping, physically aggressive and his aid shadowing him.… read more

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posted about 2 years ago by A MyAutismTeam User

hello, if u get an answer please pass the info. to me. however, I have learned there are "regional" schools which is public school with education… read more

posted about 2 years ago

Anyone have great success with your autistic child's public elementary school and their educational needs being met?

I am looking for anyone and their location to a great school district for our elementary school aged son. My husband and I are trying to relocate out of the Chicago area. We initially thought private school but are curious if their are great public schools out there. We are homeschooling now but he really does enjoy being in a school setting everyday.

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posted over 4 years ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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Great schools in the Boston area. We are in Norfolk, MA and our son is really thriving in the public school. I also hear Newton, MA, Westwood, MA,… read more

posted over 4 years ago

The Best schools (public) ( with the services) in Pleasanton CA for a Child with ASD ?


I'm planing to relocate to Pleasanton CA, so which would be the best School for kids with ASD in the area? The offers a good amount of services, with aides, a special education program, that are inclusive - This because my son is going into mainstream education, so it needs to be inclusive. Additional programs like music and this sort of information is welcome.

Best Regards,
The Dad.

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posted almost 2 years ago by A MyAutismTeam User

Thanks @BigDaddy4Tre, I'll keep in mind the mention to Mountain View school and look into that one, however I'm really interested in moving to… read more

edited, originally posted almost 2 years ago

What have you found effective for educating the regular ed. educators?

What do you do when you can't get the regular ed teachers to 'get it'? I *am* a public school teacher, and I find myself appalled at the lack of interest or empathy from the core subject teachers. There's a real horror story here, but the bottom line is the teachers really appear to have little interest in even attempting to understand or learn even general information about ASD, much less the specifics regarding my child. My approaches have… read more

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posted over 6 years ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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Developing a Learning Profile

It is very important that you provide a brief 1-2 page summary of your child’s strengths, interests, vulnerabilities,… read more

posted over 4 years ago

I need an educational lawyer that’s licensed in PA

My son Miles is 6 years old and autistic. He had to ride the bus by himself the other day because his sister wasn’t there. He always follows her to their seat, but he didn’t know where to sit without her there, so he sat down in the aisle and started crying... the driver was well aware of this and continued picking up other students KNOWING that he wasn’t in a seat, and drove the whole way to the school, instructing the other children to just “step over him,” and… read more

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posted 4 months ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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Where do you live in Pa.?
Why was your child not on a special needs bus? The drivers on the regular school buses are not trained for kids with special… read more

posted 3 months ago

starting school

This is Kaleb's last year in his current school - I am scared to death of him being thrown into public school - I signed him up in Jan. and told them that he has a disability and we needed to set up a meeting about which school would be the best for him. Does anyone from Arkansas know of a school that specializes in kids with disabilities - that want cost me $8000 a year. How young is to young to apply for an educational grant?

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posted about 6 years ago by A MyAutismTeam User

I'd check any local advocate groups. They are different in each state. Also, put all your requests in writing. That starts the legal end and the… read more

posted about 6 years ago
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