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My 5 year old will start Kindergarten in the fall and I'm trying to find the best school for him. We live in Macomb County.

posted about 2 hours ago by A MyAutismTeam User

my son will be 11 in October, even the fact that he is verbal, his language (receptive and expressive) is still very limitted, every report and evaluation done in district reports that, his last Speech re-evaluation recommended the AAC assessment, (finally) but after waiting 5 months for the results, the evaluator reported that he was able to clearly express his wants, needs and thoughts, and that when he was presented with the devices they use (something… read more

tags: my son is almost 11

posted about 2 hours ago by A MyAutismTeam User

I live in Manchester, Connecticut.I have a 3 yr old daughter with ASD.Though she was diagnosed, she was taken under Developmental delay due to which she dint receive any Autism specific services. I want to choose a better school where she gets one on one attention with a good ABA program. I am planning to move either South windsor or Rockyhill where the schools are good. Can anyone of you advise me as which school has the best ABA… read more

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posted about 20 hours ago by A MyAutismTeam User

We have tried to use the child leashes but she just breaks the clip or falls on her butt from pulling so hard, plus it's a pain at sixflags to put it on and off at every ride. Unfortunately she is over the weight limits of all the strollers I could afford(or it comes with an infant seat).any suggestions on what I can do.

posted 2 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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Over correction/positive practice. When she runs away, go back to starting point and say something like" We do not run away. We stay with family." Our son still runs… read more

posted 1 day ago

My son is getting older and needs to have an aide who is active and involved in outdoor activities. He has an overwhelming amount of energy that needs to be expended for him to calm down. I need an aide that can work with him after school hours.

tags: Aide Aides

posted 2 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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My daughter works with a consultant and aide through DR Hansen.

posted about 10 hours ago

My son wants a girlfriend. But he still has not stopped pooping his pants. He doesn't do many things because of it. If anyone has ideas on how I can incourge him to poo in the toilet that would be great. He still wears pull ups. Pretty soon he's going to be wearing adult diapers. I'm hoping he will poop in the toilet by then. I know it's not medical. He seen doctors and he's fine. The other thing is he will pee in the toilet just not poop. I'm trying the girlfriend thing if you want a… read more

posted 2 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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I have no idea how old your son is, mine is 9 today. My son would pee in the toilet from when he was 3 but refused to poop. We found out it was a sensory issue. When… read more

posted 2 days ago

We have found two providers close by. All Children's and Progressive Behavior Management Resources Inc. Does anyone have experience with either? Is one better than the other?

posted 2 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User

posted 2 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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We ordered from sweet Ali's in hinsdale for my son's birthday! Very good!

posted about 11 hours ago


We have started biomed based supplements (zinc, de-tox and probiotics) few weeks ago for my 2 and half year old daughter. Although I have not seen much difference, I noticed she used to respond to her name better before.

Has anyone seen similar changes or regression of skills with biomed treatments?



posted 3 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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If the detox supplement is doing its job she may have a period of grogginess and fatigue while her body eliminates waste. lots of water and rest help. also KEEP DATA… read more

posted 2 days ago