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Autism has been around since the 30's when it was 1st discovered, but was not widely known until the Mid to late 80's, and it was still a Mystery, and it was not until the 90's when it was being openly addressed.
That means there are Adults with ASD all around us, in important positions, even positions that deal with our ASD Children and Young Adults.
Albert Einstein is said to have had Autism. Keep that in mind.
Now, I am not saying there is anything wrong with ASD individuals in… read more

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posted about 5 hours ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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The first big wave of kids diagnosed with autism were born starting in 1990. The oldest are 28 years old now so they aren't running much of anything. A… read more

posted about 3 hours ago

[STATEMENT] Bullying, Bullies, Bully...or...'Being Picked On'?

Bullying, Bullies, Bully. All 'Stigmas', 'Labels' that do not get to the 'Root' of the issue. There was a time when there was such a thing as being 'Picked On' by someone that was seeking a 'Friendship' that had any-other way of expressing it.
Our ASD Individuals Starve for 'Attention' and either become the 'Victim' or the 'Bully' to get it.
I have seen an Increase in this issue, and it always comes at the end of the Winter Season.
I… read more

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edited, originally posted about 6 hours ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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Very insightful

posted about 5 hours ago

How do I find an access past articles?

Hi guys! I saw an article about bullying from my autism team in an email, but I couldn't open it because I couldn't remember my login information. I set up a new account, but I can't seem to figure out how to access the article. How do I access and search articles? Thanks!

posted about 14 hours ago by A MyAutismTeam User

ADOS-2 module 3

has anyone had a 6 year old take this?

posted about 14 hours ago by A MyAutismTeam User

Any one have their child in residential placement? How was transition? Was it a good choice?

What led to this decision? My daughter dr has suggested many times this would be the next step. Breaks my heart but want only the best thing in the world for my girl. Any info would be great.

posted about 20 hours ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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This is something i posted a while ago after a webinar, sorry if i repeat some info
There was a webinar by a great medmaps doctor… read more

edited, originally posted about 16 hours ago

Has anyone had a infant who exhibits self injurious behavior?

My son will be 2 in march and his nuerologist believes he is on the spectrum. He has a speech delay and other delays. He he also has sensory issues. It's very hard for me to handle this and not knowing anyone who can even begin to understand what this is like. So if anyone can reach out its much needed.

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posted 1 day ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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Try the gluten free and casein free diet. We started when my daughter was diagnosed at 3.5 y/o. Removing the dairy/casein took her out of the fog… read more

posted about 15 hours ago

Best School Districts in Florida for Autism

We are moving to Florida this year. I was just wondering if anyone on here has advise as to what school districts are great and what ones to avoid. We do not want to buy our new home in a bad school district for our Autistic child.
Thanks in advance

posted 1 day ago by A MyAutismTeam User

I live in pinellas and my daughter goes to Paul B Stephans and it isjust wonderful. In Tampa I recommend Impact Academy

posted about 20 hours ago

Has anyone in California used the program to be paid as a caregiver for your child due to not being able to work?

Currently I work part time. I am receiving military retirement as well as some other VA benefits. My wife currently works full time. I know that there is a program out there in CA to be paid as your childs caregiver due to you not being able to work. My son is 4 1/2 and will be going to Transitional Kindergarten next school year. the fear that my wife and I have, is that because it is only a half day… read more

posted 1 day ago by A MyAutismTeam User

Have you lost friends or family becasue your child's Autism

I have been experiencing the cold shoulder treatment more often now. My son is a teen, ans it seems to be "too much" for others to be around. He can feel it too.

posted 2 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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We didn't lose friends because we didn't have any as adults. My wife is from another country and I moved around a lot and only contact friends via… read more

posted about 3 hours ago

We got a new puppy, need help

Idk if anyone can help me with this, or not. Here goes.
We got a black lab puppy 2 weeks ago. My husband and I are dog lovers and Roman has always seemed to do well around dogs.
The puppy is so sweet and great and learning things really well. I've already bonded with the puppy, but Roman seems very uninterested. Any time the puppy comes to him for attention, he cries and starts kicking at her. I'm always there so no one is getting hurt or anything, but I'm worried he won't bond with… read more

posted 2 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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This might not make any sense at all but do you think it might just be because puppies are a bit nuts by nature. Maybe he just finds her unpredictable… read more

posted 2 days ago
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