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What To Do When My Child Is Getting A Certificate From High School And Not A Diploma

What To Do When My Child Is Getting A Certificate From High School And Not A Diploma

A MyAutismTeam Member said:

Here is the real question. Will your son be able to work in an unsupported situation? If the answer is no, then the diploma won't help him anyhow. So in this case, you need to spend your energy on finding a good agency that provides supported employment and other services for developmental disabled individuals.

If your son has enough skills and functioning that he could apply for competitive employment, then the diploma is a help. So you need to request an IEP meeting so you can discuss what can be done. Also remember that most kids with IEPS are eligible to receive school services until age 21. So once you find out what needs to be completed, he can continue school. Also remember you can have accommodations written into the IEP which may help him reach the requirements for a diploma.

If you do not have the skills to advocate for your son with the school district, you can request assistance from local agencies that help parents with this. Your school district should be able to tell you who provides this service.

posted almost 5 years ago
A MyAutismTeam Member said:

Thank you so much for this!! I have been stressing so much (and feeling like such a failed parent) about getting her a high school diploma so she can go to college and have a career she likes to suppler her financially. The how will my baby survive when her grandmother and I are gone worry. This helped me shift my thoughts.

You are correct! I’ve known for a long time she will not be able to work in a traditional work environment. Her focus is too much on what she feels like doing and not what she is responsible for doing. She will work if reminded over and over or supervised, but this type of attitude or mindset will not hold a job down. I have been looking to her talents of art, editing and iMovie creations to set up non traditional income pathways.

But now my biggest hurdle is trying to get her motivated. We’ve had the “you need to think about the future conversation” multiple times a month and she just tunes me out now. She now has over 100 YouTube subscribers but she won’t market her channel on get on a consistent schedule for creating videos. Inspiration is wonderful, but I having a hard time teaching discipline, when my overloaded schedule has me so scattered that I’m unable to move forward with my own dreams, ideals and ultimately God’s purpose for my life.

~ Jacquelinn

posted almost 2 years ago
A MyAutismTeam Member said:

I just found out thru my sons teacher(1st year in H.S 9th grade)that supposedly he will graduate with a certificate of completion -vs- a high school diploma,what can I do to change that up until h.s his old teachers did special accommodations testing with him and he has passed in previous years .I am NOT ok with him leaving without a diploma because I want him to go to college!he is ABLE and communicates and understands well just not great with full blown conversations he answers with 1-3 words BUT he is aware of what he is being told and he is NOT where he doesn’t understand.HELP I feel that because he has autism they are trying to go the easy route with him and I wanna change that!

posted 2 months ago
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