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Getting A Cavity Filled At The Dentist 0:

Getting A Cavity Filled At The Dentist 0:

Atticus is almost 5. And he has a cavity. He did great at the cleaning; he was a amazing (sometimes that kid surprises the heck out of me). But the cavity? It will require a shot in the mouth (it takes at least two-sometimes three of us to hold him down at his regular doctor). And what about the drilling? I’m not sure laughing gas and his noise cancelling headphones will be enough. Also, can’t wear his noise cancelling headphones for long because he says they squish his head... Oy.

A MyAutismTeam Member said:

The first time my son had to have a cavity filled the first dentist said they would strap him down and he would be fine. I was like "Okay he's already afraid, so you're saying that I should traumatize him further?" So I found a doctor that deals with disabilities (regularly!) that said they would give him a shot that knocked him out. He was sitting in my lap and the doctor came over to check his breathing and gave him a small shot in the arm. He was out within seconds...I walked him to the chair and when they were done he woke up again in my lap.

It was the last time he had to have that happen. He was 5 and now is 9 and doesn't need any help because he has no fear. I wish you tons of luck because it's such a difficult situation to be in. HUGS

posted about 4 years ago
A MyAutismTeam Member said:

Exactly, I agree. My son's first dentist wanted to try to give him 4 mercury fillings and a crown without any anesthesia as a "first go round try" with laughing gas and numbing shots. I flat out told her no. He will not go through that when all you have to do is schedule him a surgical procedure or put him to sleep. I then decided to never go back to her and relentlessly called around until I got in contact with a dentist who understood my child's autistic character and she empathasized with me and referred me to a dentist about an hour away from where we lived but it was all worth it and he and his staff completely catered to my son's needs and now my son loves going and enjoys every visit! You always know what your child can handle, any little discrepancy, take him else where, there will always be more compassionate professional waiting to service your child the best way possible!

posted over 3 years ago
A MyAutismTeam Member said:

For some kids the rub-on jelly numbs the gum enough that the child doesn't even feel the needle going in.

If your son responds positively to weight or pressure, ask the dentist to place on the child the lead apron worn during xrays.

posted almost 3 years ago
A MyAutismTeam Member said:

My sons first dentist appointment he needed three fillings and one crown. Our dentist tried the shot to numb the mouth three times before we went to a different dentist. This dentist put my son to sleep to do the work. My kids now have sealant on all the molars so we don’t have any more issues. Our dentist now, shows my son all the tools, explains what they are going to do and even sometimes lets him feel if the tool might hurt him.

posted about 3 years ago
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