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IEP Next Step Once Refused? Want Functional Behav Evsl.

A MyAutismTeam Member

I am in CA. My son is in kinder (hf asd/adhd). I had an IEP meeting on Thursday & was told IEP is refused since he is near passing grade level & not failing. The issue is he is sitting under a table during most class time if not chosen to be a helper. He has also had a min. Of 5 head injuries since October at school. Tripping, lack of focus/excitement, kicked, head butted (lack of awareness of spatial distance/personal space/lacking social cues.
I've been in tears daily & don't know how to get him help at school.
Can't take him to grocery store. He runs/elopes. How do I request a functional behavioral eval? No evaluations were done by the school. Dx document given by autism clinic.

posted December 11, 2017
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A MyAutismTeam Member

Sorry to hear that you are going through this . I also went through it ten years ago when my son entered the school district of Philadelphia . Even thou I had gave them all test results from developmental pediatritian a year prior they did not get around to testing him and put him in a regular classroom. He was being bullied and getting injured. The teacher was not equipped to handle a child with autism so he was wondering off. Every day I was afraid that he would wonder out of school. So I called an education lawyer and there is laws that if you write a letter to the district that they have ten days to test him. They must place him in the classroom that he needs or give him the services that he needs. Getting a lawyer was the only way that they took me seriously. So my lawyer got them to move their behind and test him and he was taking out of the regular classroom and placed in autistic support classroom. So that is my son's story. I do not know what state you live in but that is what happened in Philadelphia. And I got $20,000 dollars in education money to be compensated for their neglect.

posted March 5, 2021
A MyAutismTeam Member

There are several domains to consider for iep. Academics are just one area. They should also consider social and emotional domain. I live in Iowa, but there has to be advocates outside of school. Most state special education law allows an attorney at no cost to you.

posted March 3, 2021
A MyAutismTeam Member

Get an education lawyer. Got any paperwork from Developmental Pediatrician you can give the lawyer. The school must hire pshychologist and professionals to test your child and place them properly. Fight for your child. Education lawyers many of them are free.

posted February 23, 2021
A MyAutismTeam Member

I don't know why they try so hard not to have kids eith IEP. It seems that everywhere, all schools systems are the same about this. When my son was moving up to jr high, his grade school wanted to remove him from his iep, so I had a new evaluation done by medical specialists in autism and took it to them along with his pediatrician's recommendation that he remain on the iep. That took the wind outta their sails (visibly, might I add). I hate dealing with the schools and trying to get them to just DO what they are required by law to do anyway. When a child has been professionally diagnosed. this should not be so hard.

posted January 4, 2020
A MyAutismTeam Member

You need to have his doctor write something to the school of what services he needs. I don't know what the rules are in CA but here in Ohio with a diagnosis of Autism automatically makes them eligible for an IEP and all of the therapies at school. It sounds like he needs a personal aide also. If the school is refusing to give him services contact your state board of education. I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. It does get easier once you have an IEP in place. You shouldn't have to fight the school but if you contact your state board of education it should light a fire under their butts. Try not to get discouraged. Everything you do for him now will pay off in the end. My son is 20, he goes to the local branch of one of the universities in our state and he drives himself. I hope this helps. Sending love and prayers for you and your son.

posted December 4, 2019
A MyAutismTeam Member

I recently retired from teaching and have been in sped since the late 70's. I hold a masters in sped and an additional autism intervention certificate. I worked my last 6 years as a behavior intervention specialist and structured classroom primarily for learners impacted with autism. I stated ALL that to say..., there is more to learners informed from autism than achieving passing grades ! You need to "in writting" notify the sped director of your school district and state what you stated in your post AND include the words "sped advocate" .., if you can't find one or don't want one , that's cool but an advocate is softer than a lawyer and will get the attention . Also in your letter refer to "legal framework AND timelines" . Those words alone should be enough to move them off center. The issues you addressed clearly need evaluation, data, documentation and intervention. And quickly. I pray they head your concerns. If possible hand carry the letter and meet the sped director, if not send it via registered mail so you legally have a timeline. It starts at that moment,*when they receive the letter*.
Good luck, don't cry and stay kind while not allowing folks to take your kindness for weakness. I will pray "they" do what I would do. If it was a kiddo in a wheelchair (a disability that is visually observable) you would not be posting this issue. More than passing grades. Social, emotional, and leisure all are factors that play into how learners interact and are informed by their environment and SHOULD be evaluated when autism is being considered. Go in peace, not in peices !

posted July 10, 2019
A MyAutismTeam Member

We had a similar situation..Our son's behaviors were due to extreme anxieties, therefore, he was given the IEP based on "emotional disturbance " or "ED" for short. After all, he needed no help with his learning skills. It's the behaviors that make it necessary for the IEP. A functional assessment by the school counselor is your RIGHT and will help to devise a tailored program for the IEP.
I'm guessing someone pushed the request through as academically necessary without looking at the paperwork.

posted December 18, 2018
A MyAutismTeam Member

In Fl we have services that advocate for our kids. I went to s conference a week ago and the key speaker said “follow your gut”.
You know what your child needs... don’t take no for an answer!

posted March 11, 2018
A MyAutismTeam Member

Don’t give up on the thing to do is call exceptional children office of the state...I have been a so. Ed. Teacher for 30 years and if u request it in writing and they don’t comply then call state dept.

posted March 6, 2018
A MyAutismTeam Member

This is precisely an issue my son has.

posted March 4, 2018

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