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RI Families- Have you had a PASS worker?

We have finally gotten approved for Medicaid and now we are trying to build a framework for summer and beyond after getting dismissed from our previous daycare program. We are going through what we believe are the steps to getting a PASS worker to support our son.

Anyone have experience with the process or with having a support person? In what capacity did they help? Things to be aware of to avoid delays in the process?


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posted 3 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User

Lawyer/special needs trust in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area

I am looking for a lawyer who has had experience building special needs trusts to draw up a will/estate plan for my family and I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations ?

posted 3 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User

you might want to talk to a attorney in your area who may know attorney that can do this for you

posted 2 days ago

Therapy and working

Hello everyone!!! I am a single mom whose 2 year old daughter was recently diagnosis with Autism. My question for everyone is how do you manage working and making sure your child has the proper amount of therapy needed? If your child has received less than the recommended therapy hours have you seen improvement? The center I go through recommends 32 hours a week 6 days a week. This is an issue seeing how I work and i have another school age child to deal with. I have been looking into… read more

posted 4 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User

Can a Chiropractor help my son with ASD?

My MIL told me her chiropractor has a 9 year old patient that is coming for therapy for his autism. She says he was having trouble with wetting his pants during the day and focus and has improved in both areas. Just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this? Our son has ASD and has trouble with focus.



posted 4 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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@A MyAutismTeam User Many years ago, my wife and I started chiropractic care for our then-11yo son with a hope of helping some tactile issues (he didn't… read more

posted 1 day ago

Please help Idk what to do

My 7 year old... He freaks out..... he will tell us to leave him alone. He tells us he hates us. He says we don't care. He is ADHD and he takes medication for it. I think there is more wrong. We can take things from and he don't care. He still flips out on us. He will say he's going to punish us in the face. ( about two months ago he got into a fist fight at the bus stop just because the bumped him with the door). I think he has a lot of anger. He just started seeing a new counsellor… read more

posted 4 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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@A MyAutismTeam User I'm no expert but it sounds like you need some serious help. More than what's here on MyAutismTeam. Get in-touch with school… read more

posted 1 day ago

Am I wrong for talking about my son's autisim disability in front of him?

My son has Autism co-morbid with ADHD. I am a single parent and I spend a lot of time advocating for my son, getting him help at school, at home, with meds, etc. I was recently having lunch with an old friend who had never met my son. My son was on his ipad playing games during our lunch. She asked questions about my son's special needs, so i gave her the history of things we tried, things that worked, didn't work. We talked about how we… read more

posted 5 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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You do what you have to do to things done and forget about people who don't know much about ASD or ADHD. We talk about autism and all that goes with it… read more

posted 5 days ago

Sleep problems

My son has problems falling asleep on his own , I give him melatonin to help him but he won't fall asleep on his bed alone he would only fall asleep if either me or my wife is with him any advice on what we can do to solve this problem ?

posted 5 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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What has work for myself is a routine. My daughter is 2, but every night around the same time she gets really irritable. I know it's time for bed. Every… read more

posted 3 days ago

What are some recommendations for certified and reputable ABA therapist in Northern, IL?

posted 6 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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There is a place called Caravel Autism Health that has therapists with BCBA/ ABA degrees. You might try there. Is listed in Deerfield but they are… read more

posted 4 days ago

Cloudy Days / Rain / Thunderstorms

Looking for suggestions to help my daughter. She freaks out when it's cloudy. When it's stats raining she will screaming and cry. I can always tell when it's going to rain because she starts pacing It's got so bad at night - that we have to see with headphones on. Used to she would be okay if one of was in the bed with her. Now, she will cry and stay awake. After the headphones go on she will still whine but will finally go to sleep.

posted 6 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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? Ear plugs for sleeping - possibily ear buds with classical music just loud enough to shft her attention away from the rain. During the day ear buds… read more

posted 5 days ago

pharmanac or NAC (aka N-acetylcysteine)

My son's psychiatrist has suggested we try this for him (age 25). Normally I am skeptical of supplements but Dr. is fantastic, so why not?

He said to only get the PharmaNac from BioAdvantex because the dosages are individually sealed to maintain the effectiveness (decreases if they are exposed to air, so a big bottle is no good). So far, so good.

They are effervescent tablets (like Alka Seltzer) and not appetizing to my son (lots of people like them apparently). I wonder if… read more

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posted 6 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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posted 6 days ago
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