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Any stay at home moms that earn income on the side?

I'm desperately trying to stay home with my son, who will be starting pre-k next week (hopefilly). I really want to stay home with him to enjoy this time with him and also because I don't trust anyone to get him to and from school. But, being that we are in CA and in order to survive out here, 2 incomes are the norm these days. I am trying to think of ways to stay at home and earn extra money so I can still contribute. I considered dog walking, but realistically… read more

posted 4 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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I'm not sure how helpful this is, because it is something that I realized I enjoyed after being self-taught, but I started my own photography company.

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posted 4 days ago

Which ABA Provider: Early Autism Project (EAP) or The Shape of Behavior??

We are currently trying to decide which ABA Therapy provider to go with. Our two options are Early Autism Project (EAP) or The Shape of Behavior.

Obviously specific location matter, but in general has anyone had experiences with both? Which did you like better and why?

tags: Early Autism Project Shape of Behavior ABA ABA THERAPY ASD Greenville South Carolina

posted 4 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User

How are the elementary schools in Daytona beach for ASD?

We are looking to move in the next 2-3 months to Daytona or new Smyrna beach. Our kiddo is in a ASD kindergarten now in Orlando. I'm just curious if anyone knew how the programs are and what schools have the best programs. Thanks!

posted 4 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User

Do you have any soothing rituals if your child is feeling fearful or anxious?

tags: soothing rituals

posted 5 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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I thought my son to take deep breaths. the idea is that when the air comes in, his tummy has to get big. not his chest. So try breathing and make sure… read more

posted 1 day ago

Has anyone used Prism Behavioral Solutions for ABA services for their kiddos?

Any feedback would be great as we are switching insurance and need a new provider in San Diego/Chula Vista area.

tags: (ABA) Applied Behavior Analysis Program ABA Providers San Diego

edited, originally posted 5 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User

Does anyone know about finding childcare as a single parent to attend a job where the hours may vary greatly & can include overnights?

My autistic daughter recently began Kindergarten & I feel the need to resume work... Not only for something to keep me occupied during her school hours, but also because my financial situation has become dire as of late. I have 2 children (my 5 yr old daughter & 14 yr old son. Both my children have fathers who live in WY, whereas I currently reside in MN. Neither father… read more

tags: Extended Day Childcare Childcare childcare for special needs going back to work Northern Minnesota Chisholm MN Financial Aid

posted 5 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User

Wow..that's a lot on your plate!! How responsible is your teenager? You might have to explain he/she will have to help out weekends, bus time, and… read more

posted 4 days ago

Neuropsychology Evaluation

So my sons pediatrician thinks my son is autistic and he is in school for autism. And he sent us to a neuropsychologist for an evaluation. They said its about 3 hours long but ours only took 1hr and 30 min. And the teacher and I had to fill out an evaluation questionnaire before hand and she did another evaluation questionnaire packet while I was there. She just observed him in her office while we were doing the evaluation questionnaire.
My questions:
Did anyone else have a lot… read more

posted 5 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User
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sometimes the symptoms are more obvious or prior notes from referring doctors were considered prior to eval

posted 4 days ago

Looking for public elementary school with AUTISM SPECIFIC classroom, will be relocating to Massachusetts

We will be visiting Boston area, MASSACHUSETTS in October 2017 and am hoping to look at more than just the one school. We will only have 2 days and would love to here recommendations of specific public schools and other things I should be checking out before deciding on our neighborhood. I also need to consider his potential middle/high school and before/after care.

My husband and asd son will be moving to… read more

tags: Massachusetts substantially separated classroom self contained class

edited, originally posted 5 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User

information about after school program, daycare,n. He has aggression and sings (ASL) area in Marietta Ga 30064?

It's been years that teachers from my sons school have tried to help me, I've called tons of number but most of them are for adults after school and respite. They're places where I have to be on the waiting list and say that'll take yearsssss for them to take him. I don't know where else to look? Any one? Thanks so much

posted 6 days ago by A MyAutismTeam User

maybe you can get help with your local chapter of taca

posted 5 days ago
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