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How Do You Get Through Hygiene Care Without Meltdowns?

A MyAutismTeam Member

How can I get my 10 year old aspie son to shower & brush his teeth without melting down? The toothpaste, regardless of brand & flavor
Causes him gag and sometimes, vomit. The shower thing is beyond me..once he gets in..he sings along to his shower music (the beatles ) and he is fine. How do you do it? And I will sing your praises forever if anyone knows of a flavorless toothpaste or one that's NOT bubblemint,cinnamon,mint ect...he LOATHES cinnamon & anything mint.

posted December 16, 2011
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A MyAutismTeam Member

Hello-My daughter used to give one child a shower and then once they got out, she would brush her teeth but this caused a major meltdown so now during the shower while the water is going......shower and teeth brushing are both done all at once.

posted April 27, 2022
A MyAutismTeam Member

That sensory stuff is TOUGH! man. I don't know about teeth brushing. I get why he would gag. He may have to hold his breath (lol) no not funny. I know the frustration with sensory issues because my son has then and i have them. It's aggravating to us with autism and to the parents with autistic children. You may have to just get him to brush his teeth with water. Its better than not brushing right?

posted February 14, 2021
A MyAutismTeam Member

Oh and this year he has to take a shower every evening... Doh!

posted June 14, 2017
A MyAutismTeam Member

My sons has gotten much better. I think getting into 8th grade and growing maturing has really changed him. Girls are a thing now and teeth stay cleaner. Sometimes I have to still check his brush but he doesn't melt down anymore. Yeah!!!

posted June 14, 2017 (edited)
A MyAutismTeam Member

Toms actually works. Also it is a day by day process. My granddaughter who is low function autistic will not actually brush her teeth...but will allow us to put the toothbrush in her mouth and move it around to get the area clean.

posted June 8, 2017
A MyAutismTeam Member

Try the Toms brands my girl can't stand toothpaste but they have some that taste like actual food. Mine love the strawberry won't pit the toothbrush in her mouth but will put the toothpaste on her finger and that in the mouth. Her dentist said to take it slow. Start with one thing we chose using toothpaste as brushes of any sort bring meltdowns. We will work up to the brushing but for now she gets some benifit and has a routine. Hope this helps.

posted May 1, 2017
A MyAutismTeam Member

I make sure he has a toy and that the water is mild. I talk him through everything so he's not upset

posted December 26, 2016
A MyAutismTeam Member

Trader Joe's and the toothpaste I got from the flavor at all.......

posted October 3, 2016
A MyAutismTeam Member

Oranurse 50ml Unflavoured Toothpaste available on Amazon

posted September 29, 2016
A MyAutismTeam Member

Our dentist said... Just use water & brush the teeth, the tooth paste is more for mouthwash and smell. If he wets the toothbrush and brushes, it will be fine. He doesn't use tooth paste...

posted September 19, 2016

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