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Around What Age Did Your Child With ASD Start To Go To The Bathroom?
A MyAutismTeam Member asked a question 💭

My son is 5 and still isn't potty trained. At what age do you consider normal for a child that has ASD to begin to go potty?

posted March 6, 2012
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A MyAutismTeam Member

Not a typical solution, BUT......I trained my son (aprx at age 6) at Clean Gas Stations on the way home from work and daycare. Not joking. :)

posted September 11, 2012
A MyAutismTeam Member

My son, who is 9. Was not potty trained until he was between 5-6. He just stopped wearing pull-ups at night last year, I still wake him up at least once in the night so he will go without an accident-good luck. There is no normal by the way :)

posted March 6, 2012
A MyAutismTeam Member

I did it in stages kind of, I guess! I researched and looked high and low for how to train a child on the spectrum there wasn't much. Then I found this, I read it over and thought I had nothing to lose. Hubby wasn't really on board but knew I had Miles' best interest at heart! As I read her manual, I felt somewhat better since she had special needs children whom she trained on her program. My son had basic understanding of how it worked we kept at it and kept at it and NO it wasn't all roses but I was determined. Did I mention he was 3.5 at the time. He was outta diapers and in underwear during the day. Nap time and nite time he wore pull-ups. By 4yrs he was day trained but I got lazy and didn't enforce the "no pull-up during quiet time" rule. Until this summer, I thought he was gonna flip out but he was totally good with not needing one during this time and told him if he need to use the bathroom that he could go. Lawd knows pull-ups are costly and now they are only use for night time. This year I am going for nite time dryness! Also remember to limit liquids before bedtime. Now my boy still sits to pee and that is how he most comfortable and he doesn't make a mess I am cool with it! He also wouldn't hold his own "brown" or "acorn" LOL! His teachers really helped out with that last year. It really helped to get rid of the diapers, sending the message we are moving on. Oh and we had just stocked up too! Geez all the dollars gone (sigh). I think that he is ready to try nighttime since there are quite a few days he wakes up with a dry pullup. I make a huge deal and you can see his pride glow! I'll prolly start 1month into school so that he isn't overwhelmed! Good luck to you all! Oh and to all of those who try to make us(parents/caregivers) feel like we are not doing right by our kids can suck it! Oh yeah feel free to give it a try and see how far you get!


posted August 25, 2012
A MyAutismTeam Member

I always have people asking me why isn't your son potty trained and how old is he... I can't stand those looks from people who aren't going through what me and my kiddo are going through. These comments make me feel a whole lot better :)

posted April 5, 2012
A MyAutismTeam Member

My four year old son, asd, limited verbal skills started potty training at 2 1/2. He wouldn't go for a long time, but I still sat him multiple times a day for a year. Then at 3 1/2 he started to go every time I put him on the potty. He now goes only on the potty and will even take his pants off just so he doesn't go in them. He won't go on the floor or anything, but it's more of a sign that he needs to go. Sometimes he will even say lets go potty. He did it when HE was ready. Hope this helps.

posted March 10, 2012

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