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Has anyone used the Great Plains Lab and found the results worth the cost and a doctor that knew what to do with the results?

I live in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, and have just read about the testing available through Great Plains Lab. My 20 year old son is mildly affected with Asperger's, and is now motivated to try food and supplement support. Does anyone have experience with this lab and it's tests? Were they helpful in making decisions about diet and supplements? Does anyone know of a good doctor/practitioner… read more

posted about 5 years ago by A MyAutismTeam User

What services and supports are you currently receiving now?

posted about 5 years ago

About a doctor knowing how to interpret the results... who sent you to Great Plains -- a parent or a doctor?
I do not know of many pediatricians who… read more

posted about 5 years ago

MyZettel - he saw an Occupational Therapist for many years, and as a family we did the RDI program, which was helpful. As a young adult he tried iLS,… read more

posted about 5 years ago

Before undertaking any specialized diet, I suggest first start with eating as healthy as possible. Many feel better simply by eliminating anything that… read more

posted about 5 years ago

I have no personal recommendations, but a quick Google search found that this Naturopathic Medicine clinic in Winnipeg has 6 naturopathic physicians on… read more

posted about 5 years ago

My son has had several test w/ Great Plains lab. We have using it to monitored urine kryptonpyrrole and any yeast/fungus on his intestinal floral. His… read more

posted about 5 years ago
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