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Recommend An Insurance Plan For Autism Coverage In MA?

Recommend An Insurance Plan For Autism Coverage In MA?

I'm searching for a new insurance plan for my son with ASD as he will graduate from EI in a few months. He doesn't get SSI (our income is just slightly higher than those who qualify) but we're applying for Common Health. Meanwhile, his current insurance will expire almost at the same time when EI ends, so we need a new insurance plan for him so that he can continue to receive ABA. I've been thinking about BlueCrossBlueShield, Harvard Pilgrim, and possibly Neighborhood Health Plan. Does anyone… read more

A MyAutismTeam Member said:

Fortunately for us we have SSI and MassHealth. Have you applied for MassHealth? With us with SSI and MassHealth we pay nothing for co pays or RX.

Other than that I work at a company who provides mobility equipment for disabled people and I can tell you out of the three you mentioned I would choose BCBS first then Harvard and last Neighborhood Health. BCBS is going to be the most expensive but that is why they cover more.

All this being said the school district should be covering it both in school and after if it is required. We got ABA 3 hrs a day after school for my daughter because she was having clear issues with behavior and we added it to her IEP and they agreed to it. We had to fight for it but not to much. We just would not take no for an answer.

posted almost 8 years ago
A MyAutismTeam Member said:

Thank you very much evak77! Your answer was very helpful. We will have our IEP meeting soon, so let's see what they say. Our SSI was rejected due to our income level. But we've applied for CommonHealth (a kind of MassHealth),waiting to hear from them. Glad to know more about insurance companies - BCBS seems to have more providers in their network, so we're leaning toward them.

Again, thank you for taking your time to answer my question and sharing useful information!

posted almost 8 years ago
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