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Music Therapy As Part Of IEP?

Music Therapy As Part Of IEP?

My daughter is 3 years old and in an integrated pre-k program. She is getting, ST, OT, and PT. Her doctor suggested music therapy be put in her IEP but when I asked the CPSE chairperson to have a music therapy evaluation she said she never heard of such a thing. Does anyone have music therapy written in as part of an IEP? Any advice?

A MyAutismTeam Member said:

I find that very hard to believe.... in my 11 yrs of advocating for my son I have unfortunately found that the school districts (that we've been in) only do the bare minimum. Many times they think parents are thoroughly uneducated and tell them know assuming they will not hear about it again. I live in NY and music therapy is most definitely a service that is/can be on IEP's. However you normally have to fight for it. My suggestion is obtaining a script from said Dr. and giving it to the CPSE Office - generally they cannot refute the orders. If they still don't comply you should go on your State Dept of Educations site which is where you can file a complaint or due process hearing against the district. Many times they will comply when they know you have taken it to that next level. If that doesn't work look up OCR which is the US Civil Rights for Education and they can investigate & force your district to provide the needed services. They also can sanction them for not complying. Hope this is helpful!

posted almost 7 years ago
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