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School's Responsibility About Behavior Intervention?

School's Responsibility About Behavior Intervention?

My daughter is in Kindergarten with a lot of behavior issues. Some are dangerous to others and herself, such as hitting/poking others in face, pulling others' hair hard, getting pushed/dragged by others due her aggression/behavior. But the school didn't say anything about behavior intervention. We just set up a 504 plan with not substantial behavior intervention component. The school only created some daily behavior rating note to monitor and reward her for doing good. But I feel she needs a… read more

A MyAutismTeam Member said:

They are responsible for ABA but you need to get your child off the 504 and put on IEP. The 504 lets them give you less by way of services. Also they would be responsible for ABA during the summer if you had that in an IEP because the child would not get it at school during summer break so you would get it at home.

This is what we got for our daughter she had 3 hrs a day after school ABA so during the summer time they stil had to give her the 3 hrs a day five days a week. You do have to prove your child does need it though for that to happen

posted about 7 years ago
A MyAutismTeam Member said:

Thank you both for replying to my question.

My daughter couldn't get a ASD diagnosis for now. Her psychologist can only get her "mixed conduct and mood disorder" which sounded like a description of her symptoms only. I and another two doctors thought she is on spectrum. So we're going to continue to seek a better diagnosis in the summer. But no matter what label she carries, she needs help in social, emotional and behavioral aspects. The issue here in my area is the school is reluctant to help a child if she's academically fine. Our IEP was taken away when she transferred here from another state. I pressed hard to get the school to agree for a 504. It's really stressful and depressing for us.

@A MyAutismTeam Member: Do you think public school is a good choice for ASD child? In my child's case, she is not getting enough support and I'm not sure if she can get it next year. My concern with "traditional" private school and Montesorri school is some day a child may have to go back to public school sooner or later. Is it better for the child and the school to work together now or wait until the child is more developed/matured? Or it's really depending on how the school is able to work with your child? I'm trying to decide her school choice for next year. I don't want her to suffer this much again.

posted about 7 years ago
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