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Vitamin D And Tantrums

Vitamin D And Tantrums

My som has low level of vitamin D (around 20).Doctor has advised me to give him 2000iu of vitamin D everyday for 3 months.His tantrums and whining has almost gone away after a week of vitamin D.We went to restaurant last Thursday and he was there for 1.5 hours without any tantrums.He had his iPad with him .Anyone else in the same both with Vitamin D?There has been no improvement with his cognitive abilities though

A MyAutismTeam Member said:

Our son was also deficient and we were able to get levels up to 50 (which is recommended in the study that I had posted which saw positive changes). It took a long time (months) to get to that level and we were seeing dramatic changes during that time. Hard to attribute to just vitamin d as we were doing a lot is sifferent things. But it makes sense to levels back to normal for everyone, most just ASD kids.

posted over 5 years ago
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