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Pivotal Response Training

Pivotal Response Training

My son is 2.5yrs with ASD, and has been getting abt 10-15hrs of ABA for 6months. He has made incredible improvements- uses words when prompted and more interested in others. My question is for those with experience with PRT. I heard from another mother that PRT was more effective for her son. Anyone else with personal experience of this?

A MyAutismTeam Member said:

It was only used a little as a part of a program for our son. The therapist used motivating activities such as teaching imitation through toys that he liked, so that learning would be naturally reinforcing. A child can be taught imitation on a drum because he likes the sound. (natural reward) I am also interested in hearing more about this. We changed to Floortime which is very different, but I am starting to like teaching through naturally rewarding activities and helping him learn to self regulate.

posted over 6 years ago
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