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Do Any Of Your Kiddos Talk Excessively Loud?

A MyAutismTeam Member

posted August 22, 2017
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A MyAutismTeam Member

Sue i do that all the time yes my son talks loud the school has worked on inside out side voice

posted October 15, 2017
A MyAutismTeam Member

Dextromethorphan is another medication being studied to treat Autsim. Works on the Glutamate System in the brain. Here's a link for further studies taken in this

Here's an excerpt from this Scientific Publication regarding DXM's affects on Autism...

One individual responded particularly strongly,
with greater than 25%- 50% reduction in all five core symptoms (irritabil-
ity, social withdraw, stereotypy, hyperactivity, and excessive speech)
and greater than 50% reduction in problem behaviors. This variability
in response may be explained in part by the heterogeneous nature of
ASD. Because most of the individuals in this study were severely affect-
ed with ASD and all experienced varying levels of mental disability,
there are likely to be a multitude of variables related to the children's
ability to respond to the treatment. Carefully-designed studies on a
wider population will be needed to determine how often and in
which cases DM leads to behavioral improvement for autistic individ-
uals. In addition, the metabolism phenotype of the subjects should be
determined in future studies to ensure that therapeutic levels of DM
are achieved
The authors offered NMDA receptor antagonism as a potential
mechanism, which is consistent with the finding that memantine can also lead to behavioral improvements in autistic individuals (Erickson & Chambers, 2006; Rossignol, 2009). Autistic individuals typically show reduced GABA to glutamate ratio in the brain (Harada et al.,2011). Moreover, NMDA antagonists such as memantine can enhance or impair hippocampal long-term potentiation (LTP) in a dose-dependent and task-specific manner (Mondadori et al., 1989; Parsonset al., 2007)

Look, all I am trying to say is that there will be promising treatments out there, hopefully in the near future, as we learn more about the cause of this difficult disorder.

posted October 13, 2017
A MyAutismTeam Member

My son has the same diagnosis' except he has dmdd instead of the OCD. What made them try that combination? Was that the first set of medications that the doctor tried? How is your sons behavior before and now?

posted August 28, 2017
A MyAutismTeam Member

Autism adhd odd ocd. he takes adderal and depacote. they work great hes happy

posted August 28, 2017
A MyAutismTeam Member

@A MyAutismTeam Member how long has your son been on those medications. Did it take a while to find the right combination to help him? What is his diagnosis?

posted August 27, 2017
A MyAutismTeam Member

adderal helped to i said i would never use medication but hes not drug or out of it he more focused and calm

posted August 27, 2017
A MyAutismTeam Member

Jake used to for years but thats when he couldnt talk or communicate what he was feeling those were rough times but through early intervention summer program's adhd and depikote its dissipate. to rarly now when he does scream and i know hes safe i ignor the behavior and it gos away if i reate i learned recently it gets worse

posted August 27, 2017
A MyAutismTeam Member

My son screeches too. When he is excited he will talk super fast and not take a breath in between his words. By the time he gets to the end of his thought you can barley hear him because he has no breath to continue speaking.

posted August 24, 2017
A MyAutismTeam Member

✋🏼mine! 24/7 never stops. He's like super excited about everything, that or when he's angry.. he doesn't know how to use his indoor voice. So he says lol

posted August 22, 2017
A MyAutismTeam Member

My daughter speaks excessively loud. Turned out she has auditory processing issues so one ear is weaker than the other. When I asked her about it she just says it's difficult to understand what people are saying so if watching tv she likes to turn things up. I find it's better if she is paying direct attention to a person, eye contact etc.

My son is so loud but also has his yells and screeches from time to time.

posted August 22, 2017

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