Potty training

Potty training

My daughter who has ASD is 2 and A half, she is a very big 2 and a half year old. Not really fat just tall and solid but none the less out growing a size six diaper (they are barely strapping) so I guess I have several questions here..... how old were some of your children on the spectrum when they potty trained? What were some of their challenges and things you found that worked well for them? And if potty training isn’t an option has anyone had to order diapers bigger than a 6 and where is the… read more

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My daughter is 15 yrs old and non-verbal, she was the hardest and the last of my three to be potty trained...my boys were potty trained at the ages of 3 yrs and 4 yrs old but my daughter was totally not interested... not even with rewards... I cried a many a day and night but finally had a long talk with myself about pushing her to be "normal"... well normal for me is not normal for her so I had to accept that and allow her to guide me along her journey.

After I stopped trying to make her do it my way and the way I read in tons of books... and man I tell you I have read tons and tons of books on Autism, the brain, the how to's and others experiences and how they did it.. even the un-potty training (allowing the child to just go completely nude in the restroom...sitting standing whatever they felt comfortable doing and allowing them to potty where ever...THAT DIDN'T EVEN WORK FOR MY MIND SO WE HAD TO TRASH THAT IDEA, but to each their own just not for me)...

But what did work was to allow her to mature in understanding (she was born at 23 weeks so delayed development was our first diagnosis) continue to encourage her in the restroom making it a routine and by the ripe old age of 12 years old she just GOT IT!!! we were blessed to purchase a home that had a restroom in her room and she just started going to the potty!!!!! MAN DID WE CELEBRATE!!! AND CELEBRATE... making her feel like she had accomplished the biggest thing in the world and to be honest SHE HAD! She was able to take care of her hygiene and that made life so much easier for her and the family! Now we did have to work on getting her panties on afterwards because she was just too distracted to take care of those minor details... she wanted to get to the hand washing and back to what she though was important her books and tablet...LOL... but we go that down to a science now and she is doing awesome!

DON'T GIVE UP ... AND DON'T PUSH TOO HARD... your babies will get it when they get it! I think sometimes its us as parents who want so badly for our children to do something other children are able to do so quickly and at a younger age that (speaking for myself and honestly) I didn't want to be embarrassed because as a mom I couldn't get my daughter/ tween potty trained... questioning looks of WOW SHE STILL ISN'T POTTY TRAINED?? how old is she...
So please don't allow anyone to question you or your child's normalcy... Autism Normal is not going to LOOK NOR FEEL the same as anyone else's NORMAL!

I hope that my experience helped someone dealing with an older child feel like they are NOT ALONE... YOU ARE NOT AND I SEND YOU HUGS, LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE!

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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A MyAutismTeam Member said:

We used an ap called see me go potty. I think it was from Avakid. Our girl was five when she finally got it. She watched that ap for quite a while before she repeated the steps shown. You can make the kid on the ap a boy or a girl and change hair and eye color. You also can put their name on their shirt. It even shows them how to wash their hands when they are through.
The choices to watch are number one, number two and accident.

posted over 1 year ago
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My son just turned six. He pooped in the toilet for the first time. Boy!! did I celebrate. Just don’t give up just keep trying like I have been. It’s not an easy thing. God help us all.

posted 8 months ago
A MyAutismTeam Member said:

I started when my child was 2 and he just turned 10 and FINALLY is potty trained. For the past 2 years he was mostly trained but sometimes for no apparent reason he would hide in the closet and poop. You need to watch the child's tendencies. If she has a BM after dinner then go to the potty then. I would do pee trip every 2 hours. Don't make them sit a long long time. When she has an accident calmly say pee and poop goes in the potty and go sit for a few minutes. It takes a lot of patience and the carpet was ruined, but you do whatever you have to do.

posted 8 months ago
A MyAutismTeam Member said:

My son is 6 and is still not fully potty trained. He still has accidents especially at school or when he is taking the bus rides home. They will ask him if he needs to go and he will tell them "NO". Then 5 min later he'll wet his pants. It does get pretty frustrating.

He mastered bowel movements in the potty which surprised us all. But, is still having some difficulties going #1. I suppose it's just easier to feel it coming. He is doing a lot better though. He now tells us when he has to go. He'll yell out, "Gotta GO!!" run to the potty and then actually go. We still have him in Good Night's when he goes to bed.

We were recommended a Potty Training DVD from "two little hands" called "Potty Time". It's from the makers of "Signing Time." It's a very positive DVD, very educational with a lot of music and singing. It helps motivate and engage your child. Rachel Coleman is great and Joshua loves it!!

posted about 1 year ago
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