How to deal with aggressive/rough behavior at the playground?

How to deal with aggressive/rough behavior at the playground?

When we go to the playground my son can get rough and aggressive with other kids. For example, he might run by them and tap them hard on the head with his hand or might try to playfully wrestle. He shows little sense of hurting others. I always intervene when I can. However, it worries me. He could seriously hurt someone. I don't think keeping him away from other kids is acceptable. He has social needs and enjoys play, but other kids have rights… read more

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You tread a thin line in a public park. If I stay too far back away from my daughter, I can't always stop her in time from grabbing cell phones or baby strollers. Most people realize something's not right with her but I've gotten yelled at by a parent. If I grab her before she up to something and guide to someplace else, I've had a guy yell at me for that. We still go to parks but I don't relax there. I get anxious about getting to a confrontation so we like to good when there's not many people there.

Kids, especially with ASD, need to socialize at some point but at something they play too rough and other kids will complain or strike back. I always remind my daughter if she hits her brother (she doesn't hit other kids so far) he will cry or her will hit her.

posted over 2 years ago
A MyAutismTeam Member said:

Thank you for this post. I guess the question becomes how to effectively redirect them from hitting. But then, how do you get them to understand the idea that they are hurting, that is not nice, and then instrinctively know not to do it going forward? That is a huge question for which I have yet to hear an answer.
Grandad of 4 year old ASD child

posted 9 months ago
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