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Medications For Behavior

Medications For Behavior

I would love to hear your experiences with medication, especially in the treatment of anxiety, anger, and explosive behaviors.
My youngest son is currently experiencing some marked behavior issues that we didn't experience with my oldest son (both ASD).
(Already working with a behavioral therapist and integrating a good deal of sensory support into OT both at school and in private therapy).

A MyAutismTeam Member said:

The first thing the psychologist suggested after she gave the diagnoses was Risperdol. And I said No. Recently the pediatrician also suggested Risperdal and I said - "He just started proper school, let see what coping strategies they teach him and if in six months time maybe I will look at it again. Currently using natural supplements. In the US there is an group called Native Remedies that sells a product called Mind Soothe Jr that helps with anxiety, OCD, depression, anger, etc. Have a look at it and ask your doctor about maybe trying it out.

posted about 3 years ago
A MyAutismTeam Member said:

Medication helped our son more than anything. It worked when we found a good Psychiatrist that found that our son has more than one struggle, and combined a combination of medication. We were not sure about trying this, but are glad that we did. Avoid medication that can have permanent side effects for long term use. Our son's Doctor is careful about that and introduces a new medication or removes something slowly. We are still in the process. It might always be a process.

posted about 3 years ago
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