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Violent Autistic Child

Violent Autistic Child

Its been 1 week since ABA started how do you deal with a violent autistic child because i feel like giving up if it gets worse

A MyAutismTeam Member said:

Some people turn to medication
In some cases that I've seen first hand
.depending on the severity. Sometimes you just have to go through it.
I wish someone could come up with an answer or way to stop our kids from being violent and aggressive. It's not fun for a single especially when her little boy is growing into man. It's not as equally easier if you have a daughter. I wish I could help more or lived closer to you. I would give a break like respite does.

posted 22 days ago
A MyAutismTeam Member said:

Agree with @A MyAutismTeam Member. It is important to find out the why.

One thing I did was collect data on all behaviors. I found that when I was writing this down,
It was easier to identify patterns and perhaps issues that could be changed to reduce behaviors as far as environment. I was able to analyze things easier with it on paper. Also. This data has proven useful kind of like a diary I have provided to doctors etc about the challenges we face in the home.

The data can be great but, If the issue is internal, no amount of data will show or be able to change that.

Sometimes our kids can get dysregulated and OT may have suggestions to help with that.

Sometimes the lack in ability to communicate can be to blame.

@A MyAutismTeam Member says, sometimes we have to soldier through and above all advocate where needed to keep our kids safe. I

We deal with SIBs and it can be really tough. Hang in there and never give up! Keep the attitude that there is something that can help you just haven't cracked the code yet.

edited, originally posted 21 days ago
A MyAutismTeam Member said:

My son is VERY self injurious and has his moments lashing out on me also. It helps to understand that the question of WHY has to be searched for. Every time it happens there is a why, but education of what autism is helps with what you sometimes can’t see. Frustration is usual, and being asked to do what they don’t want can lead to the explosion. Gut pain or physical pain is (in my belief, and a leading thought looking at current scientific studies) many times what they are dealing with also. Imagine what happens when you stump your toe... you have a reaction. Sometimes you have a big reaction or a smaller one and sometimes the reaction may be more shock that it happened than the pain.
What to do about it? That is mostly a mix of parenting style/ belief and how violent the lash out is. Just two years ago I was strictly “No Meds!”, but after my sons anger level got mixed with testosterone on HIGH. I had to re-evaluate that for his safety and others (5ft 7in. and growing). I guess you try to keep it low key and distract and remove until you see you can’t anymore.

edited, originally posted 21 days ago
A MyAutismTeam Member said:

Kids get aggressive when triggered. It does not happen in vacuum. Also are you giving the kids space when they look like they are on the edge? ABA is supposed to trigger his behaviors to extinguish them- yes he will get aggressive because he is frustrated. What are they doing to help him calm down? What self calming tools does your son have that he can calm himself?

posted 21 days ago
A MyAutismTeam Member said:

I think it is due to lack of neurotransmitters and stuff like magnesium and other feel good chemicals supposed to be in our brains and gut issues. My daughter was so self injurious especially after her surgery it took so much out of her I'm still trying to help her get back to normal sleep and eating patterns with God all things are possible! I'll Pray for your son and you!

posted 13 days ago
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