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Which State Is Better In Terms Of Service Texas Or New Jersey. We Are Looking At Those Places To Move Closer To Our Family

A MyAutismTeam Member

i have a 12 year old with ASD and we want to move closer to our family for more support.
We are looking for Texas or New jersey/Massachusetts area .
WE are desperate and want to go all in with therapies and alternative therapies for kids with ASD.
plus we are also looking at transition services once he turns 21.

which states are best in terms of support and Therapy.


posted September 8, 2022
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A MyAutismTeam Member

Not in the Dallas Fortworth area. From what I found online, it appears to me they are in some cities in New York, California, and Florida. There are a lot of private ABA, speech, occupational, and physical therapy places especially for younger kids that take private insurance. I thought it was difficult to find a good pediatrician and psychiatrist. It took a lot of looking in those areas.

posted November 27, 2022
A MyAutismTeam Member

Hello, I’m in Canada. Is there any place like Therapeeds in Texas ?

posted November 27, 2022
A MyAutismTeam Member

I am in North Texas. There are a lot of therapists that take private insurance for ABA. Most ABA programs do not take the state Medicaid. Almost all have a 6 month waiting list. The wait for the Medicaid waiver program for home based services here is around 10 years maybe more. My son has been on it for 7 and I call and check his spot and our info every year but I will be surprised if he gets through it before he is 18 to be able to access these services. Schools were very good in my experience before COVID but have since lost a lot of experienced staff and gone down hill. Most special needs programs in public schools in my area are without teachers. Hopefully in the next couple years they will build the programs back up. They are not yet so bad I have to home school. I had a difficult time finding a good pediatrician for my son when I first moved here. It seemed like several of them did not want to or know how to handle kids with disabilities. If you have good, private insurance and can afford to pay for care and are good at navigating your insurance package there are a lot of services. Cigna insurance is having some problems renewing contracts with certain providers in North Texas right now. I do not want to sound discouraging, I am.just providing honest feedback from my own experience. We moved here 6 years ago for my husband's job and the schools.

posted September 8, 2022 (edited)

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