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Potty Training

A MyAutismTeam Member

My wife and I are having trouble potty training our son. He is 4 now and every time we ask him about using the potty he says, “NO” followed by a meltdown. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

posted September 17, 2022
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A MyAutismTeam Member

My son is turning 4 and while he recognizes that #1 and #2 are coming, he doesn't give early warnings and doesn't care when he is dirty. He can hold and he will pee when I put him on the toilets. We put him every now and then but we have 4-5 accidents a day. I don't know how to deal with that. He just doesn't care and he has meltdowns if I insist. It is exhausting and also a social limitation (school, classes, playdates etc.)

posted September 21, 2022
A MyAutismTeam Member

My son was 6 before he had anything to do with the toilet. One day he took his pull up off and took a seat. That was the end of pull ups. No accidents or anything. He had bad meltdowns when doing number 2 and I'm almost positive it was separation anxiety. Really. He didn't like when poo came out and detached then flushed. It was as tho he lost a part of him, and in a way he did. I didn't make him get back up on the toilet and I had to be patient but one day he did it himself and he never made a big deal about it but I was very proud...and relieved

posted September 19, 2022
A MyAutismTeam Member

I followedy sons BCBA instruction. My son is a neat freak and doesnt like wet clothes. She suggested underwear on first then pull up. After anout 2-3 nights it clicked. I do still have to keep an eye on his fluid intake during the day.

posted September 17, 2022

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