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Nebulizer Recommendations?

A MyAutismTeam Member

Tragedy has struck our house, half of us caught some kind of respiratory bug but youngest seems to be the worst. We have to do a nebulizer treatment every 4hrs for his wheezing and it is a HUGE struggle. Any suggestions on a particular brand or model that’s silent?

posted November 19, 2022
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A MyAutismTeam Member

There was a manual delivery device like a mask but no nubilizer that delivered Albuteril to him in a couple puffs when he was young. Maybe call Dr back and explain difficulties and see if they can switch to manual delivery - albuterol plus a steroid inhaler. It’s sort of ridiculous to force those nubukizers on him for a half hour.

posted November 21, 2022
A MyAutismTeam Member

Maybe play some music too to distract from the sound if he is ok with it and it’s not too loud for the neighbors?

posted November 21, 2022
A MyAutismTeam Member

In my experience they are all noisy my mom was on nebulizer the last 6 years of her life only "quietone" I found was her portable but theu didn't lastorethan 3 treatments

posted November 20, 2022
A MyAutismTeam Member

@A MyAutismTeam Member unfortunately it’s an albuterol treatment so there’s no way around it. He’s only two so he doesn’t really understand what’s happening, just loud scary machine :( Dad had to wrap him in a blanket/faux straight jacket and he screamed the entire time. I’m hoping to find a way to make it less scary so he doesn’t mind them, I think the noise is especially triggering. (He’s currently sleeping and due for another treatment in 40 mins. No idea how to pull it off since the machine we have is so loud 😢) I’ll have to see if I can find that brand online. Every Walgreens around us is currently sold out of nebulizers, the closet one was about 30-45mins away. I had to go to three different pharmacies to piece together his prescriptions today because of stock issues

posted November 19, 2022

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