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Liquid Hydroxine Manufacturing Issues?
A MyAutismTeam Member asked a question 💭

I am having a hard time getting Liam's liquid hydroxine refilled. He won't swallow pills. Walmart said they are not doing business w that drug manufacturer any more due to pricing...... I called 2 other pharmacies and it is on back order at 2 places for the whole pharmacy with an indefinite wait time. The best I could do was get a partial fill with an indefinite wait time for the rest..... I am not really clear what the actual issue is as each pharmacy says something different. It is an as… read more

posted November 19
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A MyAutismTeam Member

I didn’t know it came in liquid form. Maybe you could easily get it in tablets, we do & have never had any issues with refills. We use a pill crusher that grinds it into a powder, then add it to a little bit of his favorite yogurt. I hope this helps.

posted November 19
A MyAutismTeam Member


posted November 19

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