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Any Michigan People On MAT That Knows Of Any Organization Or Therapy Clinic That Helps You File For Disability For Your Child?
A MyAutismTeam Member asked a question 💭

Applying for disability

posted March 26
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A MyAutismTeam Member

Hi Holly

I'm sorry you've to file again as that what eveyone does as it isn't easy with Social Security. I worked there and when I flied for my son, we'd to hire a lawyer to achieve. benifits. Don't worry about a lawyer yet as Social Security pays for it. Please call Social Security at (Phone number can only be seen by the question and answer creators) from 7A.M. to 7 P.m. and ask when you should cgeck on your case.

Please let me know if this helps.

Harriet Woolf

posted April 1
A MyAutismTeam Member

Arc of whatever state you live in might be able to help

posted March 26
A MyAutismTeam Member

I filed for my son’s disability on my own. Lots and lots of repetitive paperwork. But I filed for him as an adult child. I had medical papers going back to kindergarten. I kept every comment by teachers writing, “your son makes odd gestures, does not socialize,” etc etc etc. First application denied. I appealed by myself. I went before the judge and presented my case. Someone was there listing all the jobs my son could do. I automatically blurted out, “You’ve got to be kidding!” He wouldn’t even come to court because if his disability. Got notice sbout 2 weeks later he qualified.

My point…don’t pay a lawyer unless your appeal is denied! They wanted to take a percentage of my son’s monies.

And good luck!

posted March 27
A MyAutismTeam Member

I live in PA, so I don’t know about your state, but I do know that you can look up family lawyers who deal with disability. I believe you can also go to your government website and fill out a form, or have it sent to you. Be prepared to appeal a negative answer (if it’s decided your child doesn’t qualify). The majority of people, no matter the disability, get denied the first time. It took my aunt, who was in end stage kidney failure, a year or two to get approved. In a case like that, a lawyer actually has to appeal the judge’s denial, and tell them that there’s a very good chance they won’t live long enough to even see the judge for the appeal in the first place. I have had chronic pain since I was 15 (Im now 38), and I was denied social security because Im not old enough. That’s what I was told by 3 lawyers that I contacted for help. My case apparently not winnable. They told me that it’s EXTREMELY difficult to be accepted now unless you’re 50+. I have to file for my son with autism also. I live on child support ($600 a month), and we have food stamps and Medicaid. My son is 5, and still wearing Pull Ups because he’s not potty trained, at all right now. I have to spend around $60/$70 a month on Pull Ups, plus another $30 for wipes. I could really use the extra money, anything would help, I don’t care if it’s just like $50 a month. It’s tough.

posted March 27
A MyAutismTeam Member

I will say get together W-2s, paycheck stubs, IEPS, autism diagnosis, and bank account statement. Be prepared to send in all paycheck documentation every 2 weeks or so. I only applied ever in Tennessee and it was not bad to apply there.

posted March 26 (edited)

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