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Has Anyone Tried Intuniv And Risperdal Together For Their Kiddo?
A MyAutismTeam Member asked a question 💭

We are in the process of weaning our 10 yr old off of fluvoxamine as he is showing signs of severe side effects ( extreme aggression/ rages) Since we started taking him off it ( almost 3 week process) , we have seen a slight improvement in his aggression. He is also on intuniv at night. His doctor would like to try risperdal with that to address his attention, impulsivity,anxiety and aggression. Has anyone tried this combination with their kiddo?

A MyAutismTeam Member

My 7 year old is on 2 mg of Guanfacine and .25 mg of respirdal he takes that in the morning and 1 mg clonidine and .25 mg of respirdal at night . He was taking 1.0 mg of respirdal a day but he was… read more

Latuda And Autism
A MyAutismTeam Member asked a question 💭

My 13 year old son with Moderate-Severe Autism has been taking Risperol and Chlonidine for a few years with success. He has recently developed horizontal stretch marks in the middle of his back. Our first thought was due to his growth as he is over 6' tall and skinny as a rail. Our Psychiatrist told us that the stretch marks are a result of the Risperdol. The stretch marks are increasing so he wants to gradually make the switch to Latuda. Has anyone else had any experience with Latuda and… read more

A MyAutismTeam Member

My son has lots of huge stretch marks on his back and he is 6ft.almost 1in. He has not been on either of those drugs and we were told it was from growing quickly. My friend's son had the same problem… read more

A MyAutismTeam Member asked a question 💭

My child started risperal recently. Takes one in morning one at night. He been sleeping good lately but sleeps in so late now. Its summer now but he cant do this when school starts up again. Does this med cause so much sleepiness? Im concerned. Does anyone child take this medicine? Does once a day in the morning work better? Does taking it at night only work? I know every child different. Just want some info on experiences with sleepiness or sleeping too much. We will see doctor next week and… read more

A MyAutismTeam Member

My son is on Risperdal (the generic form Risperdone) he sleeps well of course, and gets up early. Been on it for 8 years, no major side effects, no liver problems, no breasts, no weight gain, no… read more

Does Anyone Have Their Child On Risperdal ? I Am Scared To Death Of Putting Him On This. However He Is Very Out Of A Control !
A MyAutismTeam Member asked a question 💭
A MyAutismTeam Member

What do these people eat if you cut out all grains and carbs?? All that's left is protein and a diet too high in protein isn't good, either.

Is Using Respirdal For My 4.6 Year-old Son With ASD Safe? His Dr. Said It's FDA Approved &'d Help Him Have Better Sleep &less Hyperactivity
A MyAutismTeam Member asked a question 💭
A MyAutismTeam Member

I already did look up but haven't seen something like this.. could u plz forward the link??

Autism ADHD Aggression And Meds
A MyAutismTeam Member asked a question 💭

I asked before about meds for kids with Autism ADHD and aggressive behavior. I do not like risperdol and ADHD meds do not work for Ian they made him worse. Some people said their kids took Haldol but I looked up side effects and didnt care for that much either. Seems all meds require lots of blood work which would be a nightmare for us. Could I get some input about meds for ADHD plus the aggressive behavior w autism. Anyone used seroquel

A MyAutismTeam Member

Love seroquel for my son Caleb.

My Daughter Is Beginning To Show Signs Of Aggression And Self Injury....
A MyAutismTeam Member asked a question 💭

My daughter is about to turn 7 (she was diagnosed when she was 2 with moderate autism) and is becoming more aggressive when she doesn't get her way or is told "no" and she's recently started to cause self injury, I'm not really wanting to have to put her on medication for this but I have been reading about "Risperdal" what are your thoughts on this and has anyone used this to help their child with autism to help with their aggression, self injury or temper tantrums?

A MyAutismTeam Member

I dont try risperdal for my son,doctors doesnt want any medication for my son.Doctors is no help for us I search for my son to calm him down for his behaviour
Everytime he bang his head for no reason… read more

Adult Son W First Tremors
A MyAutismTeam Member asked a question 💭

My son is an adult with autism about 1-2 months ago i saw him shaking.. i checked his temp its within normal range checked his sugar level normal too.. Asked him how long has it been he said about 2 hours thats too long for me.. it was gone and he fell asleep.. he never had this problem (his 23 already) im just concern about tremors.. i know some who has autism have epilepsy.. any mom here that experience this?

A MyAutismTeam Member

Absolutely @A MyAutismTeam Member! My son had them off and on for 2 weeks when he was prescribed Risperidol last year. Got him off of that quick!

Medications For Behavior
A MyAutismTeam Member asked a question 💭

I would love to hear your experiences with medication, especially in the treatment of anxiety, anger, and explosive behaviors.
My youngest son is currently experiencing some marked behavior issues that we didn't experience with my oldest son (both ASD).
(Already working with a behavioral therapist and integrating a good deal of sensory support into OT both at school and in private therapy).

A MyAutismTeam Member

The first thing the psychologist suggested after she gave the diagnoses was Risperdol. And I said No. Recently the pediatrician also suggested Risperdal and I said - "He just started proper school… read more

'Risperidone' , 'Omeprazole' And 'Hydroxyzine'
A MyAutismTeam Member asked a question 💭

'Risperidone' : What's your Experience.
'Omeprazole' : What's your Experience.
'Hydroxyzine' : What's your Experience.
What I mean by that is, How did your Child react to each.
Did it disrupt their Sleep?
Did it make them have Psychedelic experiences? (if mixed with Melatonin)
Did it make them want to tear off their skin?
Did they Urinate Uncontrollably?

A MyAutismTeam Member

Be careful if your child is receiving ANY anti-psychotic medication like risperidone. Can cause tardive dyskinesia as it has my son. Anytime he acted up the group home drugged him instead of finding… read more