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What ADHD Medications Have Worked Well For Your Children With Asperger's?
A MyAutismTeam Member asked a question 💭

My son has been on Daytrana patch since February. He currently is at 20 mg. I feel like it is not working at all. He is more irritable, aggressive and impulsive. He cannot swallow pills due to sensory issues. We previously tried Focalin XR (he kept chewing the beads) and Vyvanse (increased tics). I was wondering about Methylin as it comes in a liquid or chewable or Dextroamphetamine which also comes in a liquid. Anyone have any experience with these???? Thanks!

posted May 18, 2012 (edited)
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A MyAutismTeam Member

My son can not take stimulants for his ADHD, He takes Kapvay, which is just an extended release version of Clonidine. He takes it along with Risperdone to help with his tantrums and meltdowns. I have to say it helps with the hyper part but not as great for the attentioin but it is enough he has improved greatly in school and is now in an inclusion type class.

posted May 25, 2012
A MyAutismTeam Member

my son took Concerta for ADD, and I swear it did little to help him, and he soon started having an increase in tics. I took him off the drug and he now takes Tyrosine and Theanine (amino acids) prescribed by the Naturapath for focus and calming of the body and it has helped.

posted May 27, 2014
A MyAutismTeam Member

Yes very much

posted December 25, 2013
A MyAutismTeam Member

Does the Kapvay help him sleep like the Clonidine?

posted February 4, 2013
A MyAutismTeam Member

We tried Strattera, and Concerta and it increased tics both times, so now he is on KapVay and works great. Also helps with anxiety and sleep

posted May 22, 2012

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