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Good Adult Day Programs In The Bay Area?

Good Adult Day Programs In The Bay Area?

Hello Parents
I am a new member to Myautismteam.

I am looking and hoping to connect with parents who have kids over 22 years old (Moderate to High Functioning Autism).

Please recommend some good Daycare Adult Programs in the Bay Area. I am very interested in a program that is more community based, lots of job coaching, and more mainstreamed. Looking for a program with adults that have no aggression, hitting, screaming, throwing etc.

I observed Mission Bay, San Jose and was not… read more

A MyAutismTeam Member said:

I would love to connect, but I am not in the Bay area. We live way out in Nebraska . . . but would still love to share in some of the experiences our adult-children go through day-to-day.

posted over 7 years ago
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