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How to diagnose young 'gifted' Aspergers/ASD girl?

How to diagnose young 'gifted' Aspergers/ASD girl?

My daughter just turned 6. She is likely to be mildly gifted (both by IQ and academic achievement testing as well as everyone's comments). Per her psychologist (evaluated her using ADIR and ADOS), she also has a lot of features for Autistic Spectrum Disorder/Aspergers/Pervasive Developmental Delay. But, she did not meet all the criteria in the assessment. I think that's because she's 'gifted' and has been under intervention for 'developmental delay' and… read more

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A MyAutismTeam Member said:

@A MyAutismTeam Member... My son sounds like a mixture of both because he does go into these full melt down moments at home but you will never see that… read more

posted over 4 years ago
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