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Need Advice Please :-) What Is The Best School District In Southern California For HF Autistic Girls?

Need Advice Please :-) What Is The Best School District In Southern California For HF Autistic Girls?

I have a 10 year old HF autistic dtr and we currently live in Columbus, Ohio. We are considering moving to Southern California this summer, but her education is going to be the determining factor on if we move and where we go.

We have had to fight with the schools here to get her an IEP. We have found that most teachers and specialist in the schools do not have a good understanding of HF autistic girls. Is this a… read more

A MyAutismTeam Member said:

Hi @A MyAutismTeam Member not sure if this will help but my daughter was just evaluated by our school district the beginning of the year, she is almost 5, and every person who evaluated her, and even the special education teacher that we met with, were all amazing. They are willing to work with us in slowly introducing our daughter to the classroom and meeting her goals. They were also all very friendly and understanding. My daughter's school district is El Rancho school district. we are most likely going to go the home schooling route for the first yr or two for our daughter, but we were really pleased with the intake team. Very professional and kind hearted ppl. I don't have info on other districts yet here in so cal, I'm sure we will once she gets older, but it also depends on where in so cal your family decides to move to. I'm sure there are other good districts besides ours here in so cal. Best of luck! 😊💖

posted over 2 years ago
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