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How To Deal With Fits Getting Worse?

How To Deal With Fits Getting Worse?

We are on the waitlist to get our son tested. He is three and hardly talks, tiptoes alot, cant stand being dirty among other things. Hes been having fits lately of screaming, kicking and full blown tantrums for no apparent reason at things that never bothered him before. Anyone deal with this before and if so what did you do? Again he hasnt been diagnosed yet.

A MyAutismTeam Member said:

My Son stopped having meltdowns when we started taking him to Hippotherapy two times a week. ( It's O.T. on horseback.) The movement helped him greatly. If this isn't something you can or want to try, I suggest trying other activities that have that kind of movement, such as having your kiddo sit on a ball and bounce up and down, jumping on a mini trampoline, etc... Another thing that helped our kiddo, was squeezing himself through a stretchy fabric tube while my Husband and I each held the ends of the tube. They're costly, but I made one myself for a lot less than they sell for. <3

posted 14 days ago
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