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How To Get Other Kids In The Family To Understand Your Child's Obstacles?
A MyAutismTeam Member asked a question 💭

My daughter is 2 and has ASD along with a few other things including a speech delay so she doesn't communicate with us. My niece who's 7 lives with us right now and she's very handsy with my daughter. She's always grabbing her, holding on to her, picking her up, trying to hug her and cuddle her and my daughter gets extremely frustrated and ends up hurting my niece, usually either by biting, pinching or hitting her to get her off. Of course I tell my daughter to be nice but it's frustrating… read more

posted November 6, 2023
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A MyAutismTeam Member

Kid's will ask why my son doesn't talk, I just tell them that he just can't talk right now, but he's a very cool 😎 kid

posted November 6, 2023
A MyAutismTeam Member

Hi! I'm not sure if your daughter receives any in home services but it might be helpful if you include your niece in the sessions. It might help her to understand her cousin a little more and show your niece other ways to interact with your daughter in a more positive way.

posted November 16, 2023
A MyAutismTeam Member

Maybe it would help to explain to your niece’s mother the situation & they she can talk to her daughter about it. Tell her mom that you don’t want to see her get hit or bit & this will likely motivate her to tell her daughter to be less in your daughter’s personal space.

posted November 7, 2023

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