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Does Anyone Have Tips Or Tricks On Keeping Clothes (and Diaper) On Your Preschooler?
A MyAutismTeam Member asked a question 💭

This is becoming problematic over here because he will strip the moment my back is turned or attention diverted. It's not necessarily a clothing texture thing. He doesnt have an issue wearing clothes to go out of the house and doesnt show a strong aversion to anything except a senory vest. He just simply prefers to be butt naked at home and has no concept of why wearing clothing is necessary, which is a problem when he's not potty trained. Also, getting into the colder months the house runs a… read more

posted November 7
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A MyAutismTeam Member

Hi! My daughter used to disrobe at night before falling asleep in the winter months as well. As long as it's not an aversion to the fabric or something along those lines, I suggest putting him a footless onesie pajama on backwards. This solved my daughter's attempts at disrobing and removing her diaper. She wasn't able to pull down the zipper since it was down her back. After days/maybe weeks of doing this, try regular clothes, the hope is that he forgot and gets past the behavior.

posted November 16
A MyAutismTeam Member

Ah...the Early years...
First, you may have to change the brand of fabric softener or soap that you use.
Make sure that the clothes are Soft to the skin.
Lavender, the smell of that helps calm.

posted November 8
A MyAutismTeam Member

.My son used to do that a lot too. It caused some problems at school. I think he liked the attention and big reaction he got from people. At home, I tried not to laugh or give a big reaction, stay nuetral and calm and just keep the demand to wear clothes. If he refuses to put them on, I wait 3-5 minutes and try again unless I know he has diaper rash that was uncomfortable. He has grown out of this but it still does happen on occasion.

posted November 8

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