The Importance of Trusting Yourself

Posted on August 16, 2018

Maintaining a good peace of mind has a huge impact on everything you do. Caring for someone with autism also means trust is a very important factor. Trust that your instincts will guide you in making the best decisions about care but remember to monitor your own state of mind and understand where your decision making is coming from.

"If something doesn't seem right, I trust my gut and look for answers." - Member of MyAutismTeam

"When my child was first diagnosed, I kept my mouth shut even if a teacher or therapist said something incorrect about autism or my child. I'm learning to trust those feelings - my intuition - and speak up." - Member of MyAutismTeam

Here are some conversations about trust on MyAutismTeam:

"I find myself second guessing my plan when it doesn’t go well. I remind myself when we fail at things we learn how to fix those mistakes and grow. I have to be more patient too."

"Don't be afraid to ask questions! As parents, we know our children best so if there is any doubt or second-guessing of any kind to bring it up because this process essentially is laying the guidelines for your child's entire future."

"Our doctor didn’t “see” autism but fully supported us by signing orders. Follow your instincts and pursue what you think is best and right, even if others who may know a bit more aren’t so sure."

Was there a moment when you doubted your caregiving approach and later realized that your instincts were right? Or an instance when you were glad you trusted yourself? Share that moment in the comments below or directly on

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Kaydee7394 I been through that same road with my children

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