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Needing Resources In North Alabama

Needing Resources In North Alabama

My son was diagnosed this past Friday and I am looking for any and all great resouces with experience working with autism Can anyone help? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

A MyAutismTeam Member said:

Hello God bless you.

I dont know if you have insurance, if you have, you can make one cuick start with the hospital or clinic the y Maybe have speach therapy. My daugther is 2 1/2 and for know she take ones a week 60 minutes sepeach terapy, the doctor want increase to 120 minutes We looking for. Aldo I have aprove the family suport program, this is some money, they suport paiments for the therapy you pick, she is going to start in a group childrens story and music. I am sure in your state is some like that. Look too for ABA program. I hope is some help my answer. Sorry for my bar english.

edited, originally posted over 3 years ago
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